Smokeless Sage Spray


Negativity of my sacred space,
I banish you by the light of my grace.
You have no hold or power here.
I stand and face you with no fear.
Be gone forever you will obey
From my sacred space you must go away.

Use this smokeless sage spray to clear
negative energy from your sacred space.
Home, office, vehicles and more.


Smudging Spray is a wonderful alternative to burning smudge sticks. The spray is designed to cleanse negative energy, and welcoming positivity into your work, home, car. I use pure essential oils for my mixture along with Quartz, Tourmaline and Amethyst Chips.

4oz bottle and free shipping.

The Sage Smudge Spray will also cleanse your Aura and provide a spiritual cleansing on self.


Spray around your yourself to create a calm, clear purified space with the intentions of removing all negativity and protecting yourself with white light.

Spray home, car, workspace as needed.



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