What is the human energy field?
The energy field around your body contains your aura, your colors flowing from the center of your being. Aura Imaging Photography takes a snapshot photo of your colors in the moment. The colors reflect the emotional and mental characteristics of your personality. By reading the aura, you can gain new insights about your challenges and your gifts.
What does aura camera imaging technology show?
The aura reading machine technology visualizes aura-chakra-energy. This is processed by proprietary software to show a detailed representation of the aura colors, chakras and other energetic readings. Aura color interpretation is dynamic as there can be multiple colors that are reflected in an aura photo.
Can aura camera imaging treat physical, emotional or mental problems or diseases?
No. Energy imaging can bring self awareness and insight into our current energy state, allowing for an opportunity to make improvements to achieve a greater wellbeing. Unfortunately aura camera wellness benefits can’t provide treatment for disease.
The seven energy chakras
The human energy system consists mainly of seven major energy points (known as chakras) located along the spine; the root, sacral , solar plexus, heart , throat , brow, and crown chakra.  Each center influences a different area of the body.   The energy from these points is what healers utilize in most major forms of energy therapy. Depending on the origin of the technique used, energy therapists may call this energy by different names. However, they are all referring to the same force.  When the chakra system is out of balance it may cause some people discomfort. The main purpose of most energy healing techniques is to restore the balance within each energy point with the goal of reducing stress, restoring energy and alleviating physical pain etc.
The benefits of Chakra Analysis
The chakra analysis includes detailed descriptions of the energy centers and their functions. Your chakra system is shown on a full body image that includes your entire biofield.  The percentage of which your major energy centers are active is measured reflected in bar graphs. An energy healer may use this information to identify areas of imbalance faster than usual, allowing  more time to focus on healing.
How often should I have my aura and chakras checked?
It’s good to keep track of your health and  personal well-being. Biofeedback photography is no different and it is most beneficial when done on a regular basis. Often times we don’t give our energetic bodies or inner self the attention it requires. This may leave a person feeling restless  within. Learning about Aura energy is a great way to get in tune and listen to your body. It is recommended that you monitor your energy levels through Aura photography at least once every 2 to 3 months, especially during times of significant change in your life or when undergoing any type of alternative health practices.

Animal Aura sessions allow our pet(s) to be energetically balanced in one session. Our AuraCloud 3D Pro features Animal Aura Plates to serve furry friends! 



aura photography

What to expect during the reading

An aura reading and reporting session typically lasts about 20-30 minutes.

To capture the aura in our photos, we use a special biofeedback hand sensor that hooks up to our camera and reporting software. The system is built to measure your body’s electromagnetic energy directly from the meridian points in your hand. Either hand can be used. The hand is held on the sensor for a full minute.

Each color holds unique meaning, as does the size of the aura. The placement of the colors within the aura also add another layer of meaning.

At the end of the session you will receive a beautiful photograph of your aura, as well as a detailed report emailed to you for your review.




Each client’s 3D Aura reading is subject to the client’s own personal interpretation. The information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Therefore, each client that is receiving the reading is responsible for his/her own choices and/or actions.

Gift certificates are available in my store under “Gifts & Products”. These gift certificates can be redeemed for readings and have no expiration date. You can purchase gift certificates in $25 increments up to $100. If you need a different amount just let me know!

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No refunds available for Aura Reads

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